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Vinyl application guide

For a guide to applying vinyl graphics, download the PDF file below.

What is a legal numberplate?
A legal numberplate is one which uses only the mandatory typeface and nothing else. You are allowed to display a ‘Euro Block’ provided it is official to a specific country of origin.

If I have showplates on my car and get stopped by the police, what will happen?
You can be issued with a 14 day producer where you have to get your ticket stamped by an MOT testing station to say you have road legal plates on your vehicle.

If you happen to be stopped again by the police then you may receive an on the spot fine.
An on the spot fine may be issued the first time you are stopped (circumstances pending).

Can you produce numberplates which can’t be seen by cameras?
Yes, we can produce this type of plate. However, we cannot guarantee they are 100% foolproof (light & camera angles can be a factor).

I want a small, cut down numberplate for my vehicle. Is that legal?
No. Cut down numberplates are not legal for road use.

I have a private registration and want it to look like a word or phrase. Can I move the letters around or change them so they appear different to achieve this?
We can do this on the understanding that they are for ‘show use only’. If you are stopped by the police you can be subject legal action (see question above). The police can or will inform the DVLA who can ultimately strip you of your private plate.
Any adjustment to the numberplate letters will make the plate illegal.

We have included these details for the benifit of our customers. If we make showplates for your vehicle and you incure legal action, then you have been warned they are for ‘show use only’. See disclaimer on Numberplates page