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We can produce custom showplates for your vehicle. Showplates can be made to specific requirements, or choose from our most popular designs shown below.

These are our top 8 most popular designs. If you would like to order a set of plates, click ‘buy’ to start the ordering process.


Numberplate Standard
Standard- Legal typeface- Complies with legal specifications£17.50
Bronze Numberplate
Bronze- Border with custom message- Legal typeface or custom typeface£20.00
Bronze Shadow Numberplate
Bronze Shadow - Border with custom message- Any typeface with drop shadow£25.00
Silver Numberplate
Silver- Border with custom message- Any typeface- Any euro block (custom or std)


Gold Numberplate
Gold- Border with custom message- Any typeface with drop shadow- Any euro block (custom or std)


Platinum Numberplate
Platinum- Border with custom message- Any typeface with drop shadow- Any euro block

- Background ghost imaging


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Photo Numberplate
Photo- Any of the above options-Optional extras best kept to a minimum for desired effect- Made from photo-shy materials


Carbon Numberplate
Carbon- Any of the above options- Carbon domed lettering£40.00
Bespoke Numberplate
BespokeCall or email to discuss your requirements, add or delete any element @ £5.00 per pair. Chrome outlines & borders also available (as shown).  

Optional Badges

Custom blocks can be made to specific requirements, e.g. car makes, brand logos, football teams

GB Numberplate UK Numberplate IRl Numberplate SCO Numberplate GBG Numberplate I Numberplate GB Flag Numberplate Gb Flag Numberplate Wales Numberplate PK Numberplate JA Numberplate Impreza Numberplates

Optional Typefaces

This is just a small selection of the styles we have available.

For further details call or email us.

Bold Range Italic Range
Numberplate Typeface Numberplate Typeface
Numberplate Typeface Numberplate Typeface

Optional Sizes

Standard Size Numberplate Standard Square Numberplate
Import Vehicles Numberplate Bike Numberplate
Range Rovers Numberplate


Any cut / unusual size can be made. Call, email or use enquiry form for a digital proof to be sent to you.


You can order a showplate from us directly if it uses any of the above options or is a ‘Top 8′ design. To order a showplate:

  1. Make a selection from the above styles by clicking ‘place order’.
  2. Submit your details and specifications in the PayPal order form.Alternatively; if you wish to pay by cheque, submit your specifications to us via email or our enquiry form.
  3. When payment has been received,we will contact you with a digital proof for your approval.
  4. Once digital proof has been authorised showplates will be manufactured. Guaranteed delivery within 5 days.


Our showplates are not suitable for road use and J.D’Signs cannot be held responsible for any action taken by the authorities if found to be used on public roads. J.D’Signs is officially registered with the DVLA to produce road legal registration plates. If you require this service or information regarding the legal requirements of a registration plate, please contact us.